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Our 25-Year Love Affair with Clio

Britain has had a long love affair with the Renault Clio – since launching here in 1991 we have bought 1.2 million of them. But much like Nicole from the original Clio adverts we occasionally need to move on and find something new. With the fresh new looks and extra features of this latest Clio model, Papa will even approve of our choice this time…

The New Clio – Tres Interessant!

We all remember our first car with fondness. Whether you had an original Clio in the 90s, or the Renault 5 it was based on, nostalgia often gets the better of us. Whilst the Clio was an exceptional car for the time (it was European Car of the Year in 1991), things have moved on a lot since. Luckily, the New Clio has been thoroughly refreshed on both the inside and out.

The most obvious changes are upfront, where new LED lighting has been added. These lights produce less glare during the day, but also add 20% more power to the full beam when you need it. Fixed to a new front grille, they provide a more modern and sophisticated look. If you want your Clio a bit more personalised – you’ve got it! There are 30 different colour combinations on offer, as well as a multitude of trim options.

Inside, the Clio has undergone many visual tweaks, with a new steering wheel, gear lever, arm rests, side panels and LED interior lighting. On higher-end models, you can even find a touch of leather and chrome added to the mix, although the focus is very much on sophistication, not bling.

A Transformation in Tech

A lot has changed in the 25 years since the original Clio arrived in the UK. Back then, mobile phones could barely store 100 text messages, but now they are the centre of our world. Connectivity on the go is vital, which is why the New Clio comes with Renault’s R&GO® smartphone system as standard.

For a little more media in your vehicle, the popular Renault R-LINK system can also be fitted, providing sat-nav, a rear view display, DAB radio, music and video streaming, and the ability to download additional apps. Your tunes can even be played through a custom-designed BOSE® surround sound system, providing the very best in-car sound quality.

With the New Clio, the tech just keeps on coming! Traction control, cruise control and hill start assists all come as standard. The extras list takes it to a whole other level, including parking sensors, automatic lights, automatic windscreen wipers, powered mirrors, climate control and even a hands-free parking system!

Choice and Economy under the Bonnet

The Clio has always been praised for being one the most versatile cars on the market, and the new model is no exception. The New Clio comes in Expression, Play, Dynamique and Dynamique S versions, with a total of 21 spec levels. This is thanks in part to two new engine options – a 1.5 litre diesel and a 1.2 litre turbocharged petrol engine.

Even the entry model Clio now achieves around 50 miles to the gallon, but these new engines offer some serious green credentials. Emissions can be pushed down as low as 82g/km and economy up to 88.3 miles per gallon. As well as stop-start technology, the new engines provide better torque, meaning those aren’t just figures on paper – they’re actually achievable in the real world.

New Clio R.S. – with added va-va-voom!

The New Clio couldn’t be a true Clio if there wasn’t a sports model. Original Clio owners had to wait two years for a souped-up version, but now RenaultSport is ready to join the grid right from the off.

Taking inspiration from the R.S.16 concept car, the New Clio R.S. comes with 200 horsepower on tap and a six speed dual clutch gearbox. Launch control, three setup modes and wheel-mounted gear-change paddles also mean that power goes straight where you want it – to the 17 inch alloy wheels. If this isn’t extreme enough, a 220hp Trophy version is available with a specially lowered chassis and 18 inch wheels.

Ready to Engage with the New Clio?

With so many improvements and options available, the New Clio is a match made in heaven for almost anyone. We’ll have the New Clio in our showroom as soon as it launches in Autumn, so be sure to get in touch now and register your interest.