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New Dacia Duster – Debuting at Goodwood

June the 23rd is all set to be a day to remember in the UK. After months of debate and speculation there’s some good news on the horizon – a new Dacia Duster is going to be unveiled at Goodwood!

The Goodwood Festival of Speed has always been a premier fixture in the UK motoring calendar. For many years, premium marques and drivers from over the world have made the pilgrimage to Goodwood to show off their latest models and test their mettle on the famous hill climb course.

2016 is a special year though, as Dacia is taking to the stage with their new version of its popular Duster SUV. Still priced at just £9495, and with all new features and optional extras, it definitely gets our vote.

Another One Drives a Duster

Dacia is taking part in the Moving Motor Show section of the four day festival. Away from the melee of the hill climb, visitors to Goodwood today will be able to get in the driving seat of several Dacia models. There are petrol and diesel versions of the Sandero, a diesel Sandero Stepway, and the Logan MCV estate car on display. But what’s got everyone’s attention is the main attraction – the new Duster.

Car enthusiasts will have an exclusive chance to vote with their feet and test drive the Duster before it goes on sale in 2017. The Duster on display will be a brand new range-topping version – the Prestige – this car sports a bold new look, with visual tweaks to give it even more presence on the road and off-road.

What’s New for the Duster?

As well as new front end styling, the new Duster comes with a new engine option under the bonnet, giving customers more than just a two-way choice. Joining the 1.6 litre petrol and 1.5 litre diesel is a brand new 1.2 litre turbocharged petrol engine. This engine will give petrol-heads more grunt off the line with 125 horsepower on tap and a better torque range. If you reign in those horses slightly, it will deliver over 46 miles per gallon too, which is good going for an SUV.

From the Ambiance version upwards, the Duster now comes fitted with a DAB radio and chrome detailing on the centre console and the steering wheel. Not to be left out, the dashboard has been finished in a dark carbon colour too, giving the whole interior a sleeker look.

For a little more luxury, the Laureate version also includes optional leather upholstery, rear parking sensors and new 16 inch diamond-cut alloy wheels. Not bad for a budget SUV, eh?

Duster Prestige Version

With a name like Prestige, you can be sure the new range-topper isn’t going to skimp on the detail. Well, here are the facts – not only does it come with all the kit from the Laureate, but it also adds the MediaNav touchscreen multimedia and sat-nav system. If that weren’t enough, it comes with a new rear parking camera – perfect for remaining in or leaving any tight spots.

How much does this cost to the UK citizen? There can be no confusion about that – it’s just £900 more than the Laureate. If you do the maths, that actually works out as a net gain, saving customers £250 on buying all these extras separately.

Why don’t you get one too?

From just £9495, there is no shock result here – just the same shockingly good value from Dacia. With a slew of best value car awards in recent years, thousands have already voted overwhelmingly for Dacia. So hey, why don’t you get one too? Pop into our showroom and put an X next to your new Dacia today!